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IV Vitamin Hydration Services and Aesthetic Treatments.

Specialty Dripps By Afton is a Mobile IV Medspa that provides concierge IV Hydration and Aesthetic Services. When you are feeling crummy or want a pick me up, the last thing you may want to do is get in your car, find the nearest treatment bar and sit with a bunch of people you don’t know while making small talk.

Now you have access to elite Registered Nurses and top quality IV Vitamin Dripps from the comfort of your own home, hotel, office, conference center or event venue.

Our customized IV Vitamin Dripps and Vitamin Injections can provide the necessary nutrients your body needs. Some of the top reasons you may be a good candidate for a Dripp or Injection would be symptoms of hangovers, flu ailments, altitude sickness/jet lag, in alignment with beauty treatments and pre or post work outs.

To promote your body’s healing and the recovery process, we also provide pure oxygen inhalation treatments as they are crafted to lessen the severity of your ailment. Oxygen treatments are so important because the thin air in Colorado makes our bodies work overtime to sustain hemodynamic status.

Along with Vitamin Hydration and Injections, we provide preventative and restorative aesthetic skin treatments and services, which include Botox, Dermal Fillers, Chemical and Mechanical Exfoliation treatments. We are happy to offer a free initial consultation to discuss your ideal treatment.

We are the only team of all Registered Nurses and we pride ourselves on providing a safe experience for all. Our Nurse Injectors are certified, experienced and expertly trained to customize a treatment plan to fit your individual needs.

Specialty Dripps By Afton is available for social gatherings and we accept bookings for wedding parties and bachelor/bachelorette parties. Need to maintain discretion? We are discrete with our services and maintain HIPPA privacy regulations. We keep patient privacy as our number one priority. Whether you are a celebrity, government official, or simply need to maintain discretion for other reasons, we can provide Direct-Delivery of services to maintain patient privacy and dodge the tabloids. We are happy to accommodate any special requests needed to maximize discretion.

We look forward to servicing you!

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