Specialty Dripps By Afton

B12 & Ketosis Osmosis

Ketosis Osmosis

By Lauren Smith RN

Before I joined Specialty Dripps by Afton I had been using therapeutic ketones and my Keto Coach Certification for over a year. However, it wasn’t until I started getting Vitamin B12 injections that I could tell they were taking ketosis to the NEXT LEVEL! Everything I had experienced before regarding ketosis was intensified along with the injections.

Vitamin b12 increases the body’s absorption of ketones (whether those are ketones produced by nutrition/following a strict Keto diet and/OR therapeutic ketones). When levels of b12 are therapeutic, you get all of the same side effects as the ketones: fat loss, increased energy, better mood, better sleep, clearer skin. These two work together synergistically like magic to give you what you want: RESULTS!

As a registered nurse with a passion for the Ketogenic lifestyle, I always wanted to be a part of a ‘Whole Person’ Wellness Practice and Specialty Dripps is IT! We don’t just create transactions, we form relationships and see you as a whole person. This is the best way to individualize treatment and find the best service/s for you and your life. We are physically out in the community, helping people to feel and look better and I’m so proud to be a part of it!