Specialty Dripps By Afton

Learn How Your Body Tries to Tell You it Needs More Water

By: Rehanna Curtis

I bet you have no idea how important water is for your body!! Just like plants and puppies, we need lots of water too. Especially living at a higher altitude! Now, how many of us really drink enough water? And I’m not talking about coffee, soda, tea or juices…. just water. I know it’s something I’m always trying to improve upon and when I do hit my water intake goals, I feel AMAZING. Our bodies are more than half water and our brain is 3/4 water. How do you know when you need more water? The easiest way to tell…. you’re thirsty. You are craving it!!! You may also experience headaches so before reaching for ibuprofen, drink a couple glasses of water! Your urine should be faint yellow or clear so if it’s anything darker, your body is telling you something. Also your skin is your largest organ and needs mucho agua and that’s especially important at higher altitudes. We all love when our skin looks like perfection so the easiest and cheapest way to achieve that is…. you guessed it…. more water!!! Your large intestine is counting on you to supply it with sufficient water so that you can easily pass stool. If you’re experiencing hard stools or difficulty in that aspect, re-evaluate your water intake.

Our IV therapy treatments are an excellent way to give yourself a hydration boost! Your skin, mental clarity and entire body will thank you!! We can not only give your body the water boost it needs, we can add the essential vitamins and nutrients your body needs for beauty, recovery and an active lifestyle. We’d love to design your personal dripp that’s exclusive to your needs.