Specialty Dripps By Afton

Love Your Lashes!

$100 for your next order of Latisse!

At Specialty Dripps By Afton, we believe in whole body enrichment from head to toe. And, we want all of Denver to feel their best. So that means our registered Nurse team is here to provide mobile skincare aesthetic treatments and much more. If you’re longing for longer lashes, look no further. We can you get the eyelashes of your dreams. We love LATISSE® because it is an FDA-approved, easy to use serum for eyelash growth. You’ll have enviable eyelashes in no time with this easy to apply at home serum. We’ll provide you the 100% Latisse serum, prescribed by our Medical Director, so no need to visit your doctor for an Rx. Quick, easy and enviable lashes. Just another way we’re hoping we can help you look great and feel great!

Contact us today to book your mobile Latisse eyelash appointment and to redeem your $100 offer. 

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