The COVID Remedy Dripp


Do you ever feel like you have been so diligent in washing your hands and keeping your distance from those sneezing and coughing at the office, yet you STILL managed to catch “The Bug”? Or are your kids bringing home whatever is going around at school? Let us help you fight, from the inside out.  With this Dripp, an extra boost of Vitamin C, Glutathione and Zinc will kickstart your immune system, and minimize the length of your cold. But that’s not all, this Dripp can also help decrease muscle aches and increase energy! Let us bring our Mobile IV Vitamin Hydration services directly to you, when you can’t get out of bed, and get your recovery process started!


The COVID Remedy Dripp is an intravenous infusion given by Registered Nurses to provide vitamin supplementation. Specialty Dripp available upon request.


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