Ozone Dripp


**Please note, this service cannot be shipped out and is intended to be purchased in advanced and used with a provider of our team. We currently have providers in Colorado and would be happy to fulfill your service request if you are in town.**

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Ozone Dripp

Major Autohemotherapy (MAH Ozone Therapy)


The ozone IV infusion therapy helps to deliver hyper oxygenated blood to your body. When the IV solution is infused into your bloodstream, the ozone (o3) binds to your red blood cells and carries more oxygen around your body and helps to deliver more energy for the cells and tissues. This energy helps boost the blood cells and can be helpful in decreasing fatigue and pain, in most cases. This therapy has been used with autoimmune disorders to help the body fight off free radicals and acts like an antioxidant also. 


How it works? Our team of expert Nurses places an IV catheter and about 60cc of blood is removed from the client while in our office. Once the blood is drawn, it is mixed with ozone and is injected into the infusion bag. This allows the  blood cells to attach to the ozone. The ozonated blood is then returned to the body via IV Dripp.