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These vitamins are meant to be used along with The Daily Dose Dripp. Let our team of expert Registered Nurses choose a custom IV Dripp to meet your individual needs.


-Vitamin B12: $20

B12 is great to increase energy, speed up your metabolism, provide antioxidants to your body, improve your sleep, improve your mood, increase immunity, increase mental clarity and aid in weight loss!


-Vitamin C: $20

Vitamin C provides increased immunity, key antioxidants, increased energy, increased collagen production, increased oxygenation to skin, reduces the risk of chronic diseases, reduces the risk of anemia, aids in absorption of iron (essential for red blood cell health-transports oxygen in the body), increased memory and aids in the body’s healing process.


-Zinc: $20

Zinc is known for helping your body with increased immunity, increased energy, DNA synthesis, cell recovery, decreased length/severity of cold, protein synthesis, wound healing, and decreased lethargy!


-Glutathione: $30

Glutathione is the mother of all antioxidants, it increases immunity, increases energy, decreases inflammation, a great post workout muscle recovery, detoxifying agent, and increases the uptake of amino!


-Magnesium: $20

Magnesium aids in muscle recovery, heart health, decreased headaches, decreased swelling, decreased nausea, neutralizes GI acid indigestion, calms the body, strengthens hair and nails, increased endurance, skin healing, infection prevention, mental clarity, and decreased  inflammation.


-Biotin: $30

Biotin is vitamin B7 and mainly is known to help to grow and strengthen hair, skin, and nails.  It also helps to heal your skin by drawing moisture in your cells to help decrease dry or itchy skin. (NOTE: When taking Biotin supplements, please notify your doctor if you have any upcoming lab work. In some studies, it has been shown that Biotin levels can give false readings on some other lab measurements. It can also interfere with medications such as anticonvulsants. Since Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin, you will pee out any excess your body does not need. Overdose is not a concern.)


**Please note, this service cannot be shipped out and is intended to be purchased in advanced and used with a provider of our team. We currently have providers in Colorado and would be happy to fulfill your service request if you are in town.**

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