Immunity Revive Injection


The Immunity Revive Injection consists of all the heavy-hitter immune boosters! It includes Zinc, Vitamin C, and Glutathione. The benefit to this shot is that it is quick and easy and can start taking effect within 15 minutes after injected. This amazing shot has been found to be very effective for those who think they may be starting to feel under the weather, or have been around someone that has been sick, and better yet for PREVENTION! Your immune system is your only defense against fighting off unwelcome microorganisms.  Book your Immunity Revive shot ahead of time, before traveling, to give you the boost you need to not let a cold ruin your trip.


**Please note, this service cannot be shipped out and is intended to be purchased in advanced and used with a provider of our team. We currently have providers in Colorado and would be happy to fulfill your service request if you are in town.**

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