Specialty Dripps By Afton

Why do I need B12?!

Vitamin B12 is an essential part of anyone’s diet.  B12 is found most abundant in animal fats.  When consumed, it is absorbed through the digestive tract.  Your body uses what it needs and excretes the rest through urination.  The kicker is, you only absorb about 20% of what you eat and your body uses it quickly and you are essentially back at zero!  This is why we believe the Vitamin B12 Injection is so important for almost everyone. You get 80-100% absorption from the injection.

The side effects of B12 shot vary for each individual. Most people have experienced an increase in energy, improved mood, and weight loss.  Some other side effects are an improvement in sleeping and increase mental clarity.

A testimonial by Lauren, “I didn’t feel like I was all jacked up on caffeine.  I would just realize I didn’t need my afternoon nap.  I would get off work and have the energy to make dinner for my family.” These slight nuances have been felt by many clients and being aware of how your body is feeling is the key to success.

The improved mood can be a bit more difficult to measure. As stated by Danielle, “Hi I just wanted to call to say that I feel really happy today. Is that from the shot?!” Danielle is a new exhausted mom and was no longer breastfeeding.  She has been anemic and having many hormonal changes that were leaving her emotions all over the place.  The first day after her B12 shot, she called us to say she was feeling great.  It is instances like this that make us feel great about what we are able to do for our clients.

We know nowadays everything claims to help weight loss. But having an adequate level of Vitamin B12 can help your body use your carbohydrates and fats as its primary energy source, as opposed to glucose and glycogen that your body would normally use.

It is recommended to have weekly injections times 4 weeks, then monthly thereafter.  The injections go into your fatty tissue and are released over time.  As your tissue becomes saturated with Vitamin B12, it has more of a storage to release over a longer period of time.  If after one injection you don’t really feel any benefits, give it one more try; your levels may be so low you need more in your system to feel the positive effects.

Contact us now for more information.  Find us at events throughout the community to get your Vitamin B12 Injection and start feeling your best now!